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Intensive Thai Language Course​​

If you really want to learn Thai you should choose our Intensive Thai Language Course. You will learn how to speak and understand Thai as well as read and write. This is a full time course with five lessons per day Mondays to Fridays.

Standard Thai Language Course

In our Standard Thai Language Course you will learn how to speak and understand spoken Thai. You will not learn how to read and write. This is a part time course with lessons twice a week, two and a half hours per time.

Free Thai Lessons

We also have a few free video lessons on Youtube for you to check out.

How to Learn Thai - Tips for success

To get a good foundation when you learn Thai - start with listening comprehension. Lanta International Language School considers listening comprehension to be the key to effective and successful language learning. We base this on both scientific research and our own experiences during testing and teaching. 
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